Our Story

Revamping how we do business
For a while, Handa Mining Corporation has been stagnant in the market. And with good reason: we were hard at work behind the scenes taking an extensive look at how we were doing things.

We asked some difficult questions and were honest with ourselves about what needed to be done if we wanted to remain relevant and competitive. We realised the old principles of doing business, simply weren’t working anymore. The conventional way in which we were evaluating and sourcing projects and capital, didn’t yield the type of production and returns we knew our shareholders deserved. The capital required to keep running, inevitably led to too much dilution of shares and constantly increasing capital costs.

We knew we needed to re-evaluate our funding, our processes and how we use our resources to bring mines to production.
Using what we have, to differentiate what we can do
Doing things differently to unlock real value
What this means for you

The Team

Jan Nelson

Chief Executive Officer
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Earth Sciences), B.Sc (Hons) Geology
Jan looks after:
Spotting opportunities for great projects and with his operational experience in building and running mines, Jan is responsible for bringing the Mejillones project to account.
How he makes a difference:
Driving and delivering on the project milestones.

Dr. Paul Elgin Walker

Executive Chairman
Qualifications: P.hD.
Paul looks after:
Coordinating Board activity and ensuring that a clear and coherent strategy is developed and delivered.
How he makes a difference:
Cracking the whip to ensure that the Executive and Board deliver shareholder value.

Daryl Yea

Non Executive Director
Daryl looks after:
The audit and remuneration committee
How he makes a difference:
Ensuring that proper checks and balances are in place on how and where capital is deployed and establishing a proper remuneration framework to drive performance.

Alec Peck

Non Executive Director
Qualifications: C.P.A. CA
Alec looks after:
Sets and monitors budgets and counts the cash
How he makes a difference:
Not spending a penny if we have not looked to be cost effective and have tried to stretch the penny we spend as far as we can.

Marek Kreczmer

Executive Chairman
Qualifications: M.Sc.
Marek looks after:
Investor interaction and feedback to the Board.
How he makes a difference:
By helping us to communicate more effectively with our shareholders.

Anton Esterhuizen

Non Executive Director
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (MinEx)
Anton looks after:
Heads up the technical committee of the Board and makes sure that all the boxes are ticked when it comes to the technical evaluation of a project.
How he makes a difference:
By keeping our CEO on his toes technically.

Dr. Humphrey Lawrence Mbendeni Mathe

Non Executive Director
Qualifications: M.Sc, P.hD
Humphrey looks after:
Member of technical committee and gives support and guidance to CEO on technical matters.
How he makes a difference:
By applying a commercial check once a project has gone through scrutiny technically.

Strategic Partners

ReThink Resources is our strategic Mejillonnes project funding partner.

ReThink recoups capital invests over four to five years, after this period, Handa retains 100% ownership of all capital equipment and still retains 100% of the project whilst having funded all capital without any major dilution to the company.